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Design Build

Design Build

Choose from one of our ideally situated lots, and build a home of your choice!


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Design Build

Design Build

If you have found the perfect lot that fits your needs, we can build your home!


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I’m ready to find out how to build my own house!

Are you thinking, “I want to design my own home in Southwest Michigan”, but don’t know where to begin?   

Community Home Builders is one of the top-rated home builders in Michigan, and will work with you to design a home that fits your budget and your needs and fulfil your dream of building your own home for comfort. From traditional to modern, Community Home Builders is an experienced and professional residential home builder who will guide you through the journey of designing and building your dream home. 

 How to begin designing my own home? The first step in designing your dream home is to find a desirable lot for your home in Southwest Michigan. As everyone knows, location is everything, and Community Home Builders offers many quality and affordable lots that are ready for build. Stop by one of our communities, or speak with one of our sales representatives, to discover why Community Home Builders has the lot that is right for you. 

Contact us to find out how affordable designing your own home can be.  Get exactly what you want, for the price that you decide.  

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On Your Lot

Do you already own your own lot?

Are you searching for how to build a home on your own lot in Southwest Michigan? Team up with Community Home Builders, an experienced and professional home builder in Southwest Michigan, to build your home with the greatest amount of personal detail on the budget that suits your needs. Community Home Builders believes in working hard on the details, so that you can sit back and enjoy the experience of building your own dream home. With updates that keep you in the loop, and reliability that keeps you on your design schedule, we are the surest bet when building your own home on your own lot in Southwest Michigan.

Not sure which home will best fit the dimensions of your lot? Just like people, all lots are different. Not only are the shapes distinct, but there are always zoning rules in that dictate placement of your home on the lot. It is important to work with an experienced home builder, like Community Home Builders, who will work with you to create the perfect home design that exactly fits your need. We work with you to transform your dream into a reality, while keeping your build as efficient and affordable as possible. 

Dreaming of a Home on My Lot

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