FInancial Guide

Credit Score Flexibility

We can work with most credit scores.  If you do not know your credit score, come in and one of our financial team members will get you your own free credit report.  

Once we know your score, we can guide you through steps you can take to increase your score within as little as a couple of months, if necessary. 

Application Guidance

Simply come in for an appointment, and our experts will guide you through the application process.  We will help you to gather your financials together in order to create a positive financial picture that will be attractive for your lender. 

Stress-Free Funding

Saving the money for a down payment on a construction loan can be daunting, but with Community Home Builders you don't have to stress the costs.  Let our team of experts assess your financial situation, and help guide you to an option that best suits your needs and dreams.  It is our belief that everyone should have the ability to afford a new home, according to their means, and we are determined to make it possible for you.  

Current Down Payment Requirements:

  • Conventional Loan - From 5%
  • FHA Loan - From 3.5%
  • Rural Development (RD) Loan - 0%
  • VA Loan - 0%

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